Life at LFS Camps

05 Group photo

The LFS Training Center New  places Setlling in
checkers New place tto play Keepin in touch Homework laundry airing out

English classes

Matt's class Susie It's there Whose winning Read and race Testing
LFS has worked with TEFL International teachers for the past 5 years.


Washing up Ballroom dancing UBU pool Matt and Atom

Learning about good health

Learning about health Thyroid check Balance and focus Blood Pressure Keeping records

Massage Class

Neck stretch Standing Hamstring Stretch Joris Joris back claps

Cooking Classes

Pad Thai Your turn Going fast Their eating it all All gone Licking the plate

Art Projects

Batik painting Batik painting Mural Project Mural Project

Field Trip to Poo Jong Nai Yoy National Park Matt's party

Bus to Poo Jong Walking Field trip challenges Challenges Field Trip

Matt's party

Matt and kids Matt's party Music night Music night


Em art Em's class Handicraft Em's class Handcraft Village life Tree planting
Em has been teaching handicraft to this year's group. The first picture links to his Album in America from last year.

Night life

Kwan and Kik dancing Campfire

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