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questions and answers about: False media stories

"How can the 'News' check every fact?"

The facts are the same today as they were three years ago:

1- The two Thai LFS students who failed and were the subject of the false reports, had the same opportunities, support, and care as everyone else who did succeed.

2- Over the past 13 years 95% of all LFS exchange students to America completed their full ten month academic year with their host families.

3- The Thai media failed the public and spread fear and ignorance among readers and viewers by ignoring and deliberately distorting the facts to sell news.

4- The American Government has been responsible for the exchange student program for over 40 years.

5- Over 20,000 kids each year from around the world have been exchange students in America since the program began.

6- Host families do not get paid or reimbursed to take care of an exchange student... read more

7 - All exchange students have the same protection as any American student and have the added support of the Program in America designated to follow up with them.

8 - Both CCI and The Learning Foundation have worked with students and education for over 20 years, and CCI like AFS remain on the coveted standards list of the CSIET.

9 - Only the American Government can issue, change, or cancel student visas.» More US citizenship Information. » More background and history of immigration to the United States.

Bangkok Post June 26th, 2005
Dr. Surakiart Sathirathai was the Minister of Foreign Affairs when the unethical stories were run.
Bangkok Post article

"Thai media inaccurate and sensational..."
"The Press needs to be Free"
Ignoring facts and selling false news for profit is common in the Thai media. This lack of ethics is bad for society and undermines a free press.
The Editor-in-chief of The Bangkok Post demonstrates in this email how the Thai media can earn trust and respect.

"What happened with LFS lawsuits?"

Using legal steps to stand up to the Thai media is like climbing a slippery coconut tree, and take about 3 years to complete.

LFS took on that burden to stand up for what is morally right.

Lawsuits filed by LFS have just completed the evidence reporting phase in the local courts and are now going to Bangkok Courts for the evidence to be carefully examined.

Court decsions are expected by the end of next year in 2007.

"How are you going to fix the damage?"

LFS had 35 exchange students in our 2003 group just beginning their ten months in America.

Our obligation was to help our students and their parents cope with the fear and confusion the Thai media and Thai web sites created.

Now that 90% of them completed their ten months in America we can deal with our 'image'.

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