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Transferring Credits

Can I transfer the credits I earned as an exchange student back to Thailand?
Yes. American high schools transfer credits exchange students earned in Thailand,

The Thai Ministry of Education has procedures for transferring credits earned outside of Thailand.

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"What English tests do I have to take?"
          Slep test in Bangkok

Here are some of the 2005 group taking the SLEP test in the LFS Bangkok office.

Most American high schools rely on the results from the Secondary Language English Proficiency Test.

Here is more about SLEP and TOEFL

and a chance to Try Sample questions.

How long does it take to know if I am accepted?
It takes about two weeks to review an application. Once that is done the staff will send the answer to the address you write at the bottom of your application form.

LFS programs and our web pages provide information for students and Teachers interested in improving their English and learning more about life.
Self Confidence

"I want to be an exchange student but I’m fat and I’m afraid I won’t get a host family."
New things start best when you feel good about yourself.

If you are active, generally happy, hard working, ready to adapt yourself to living with your host family, then you have a lot of what it takes to be a good exchange student. A host family will see that too


“You know all Thai kids only want a 'real' American host family”
The 'real American family' is a mixture of many races, religions, cultures, and sizes with different occupations and locations throughout America.

One of the main reasons America has an exchange student program is to let other people in the world see how the 'real American family' lives with these differences.
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