My Year in America

Wanarin "Earn" Gasaluck

Niagara Falls School Prom Ski Trip with my Teacher

With Friends My bedroom Making Sushi rolls Junior Prom Maggie and Oscar

The bottom row of pictures and message were sent from Earn's host Mom. She wrote:"It was a pleasure hosting Earn at our home in Ridgway, Pennsylvania.
We had fun learning how to cook foods from different countries.
Earn taught me how to make Thai fried rice and Thai fried noodles with pork and I taught her how to make pizza, spaghetti and taco dip.
Everything we made was "easy."
We had fun shopping, making new friends, going to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Niagara Falls.
Many of the teachers and students at school are disappointed that Earn won't be returning next year.
Best Wishes Earn

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