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Why do people host an exchange student?

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The CCI host family pictured with their two exchange students explains .... Read the full Time Magazine article.

How can I be sure I get a 'real American' host family?
The 'real American family' is a mixture of many races, religions, cultures, and sizes with different occupations and locations throughout America.

One of the main reasons America has an exchange student program is to let other people in the world see how the 'real American family' lives with these differences.

Exchange students from around the world also give Americans a chance to learn about other cultures.

The exchange of experience can help the the world become a more peaceful and accepting place.

If you would like to choose where you live and study in America you might want to consider a private school. The LFS Private School Program is here. The National Association of Independent Schools NAIS  is also a good place to look.


"Can I change my host family if it is handicapped?"
We all have handicaps that limit what we can do well, some handicaps like losing a leg or arm are more obvious.

American exchange student programs designated by the American government, screen and accept families who volunteer to care for exchange students based on their desire and ability to do so.

But the real measure of a person is not what color they are or how many legs they have, but how well they live their lives.

LFS is the first step for screening and Selecting Thai students who meet that standard.
Teachers and parents can add these related lessons from The New York Times - Learning Network - "On the Ball" and Racing for Equality Matching

Can I choose my own host family?
Host families complete a Host Family Application.

The American program staff tries to find a student who the host family feels they can accept into their home and lives.

Some exchange students already have a family in the United States who has offered to host them.

Our American program partner can send this family a host family application, then meet them to explain the roles of the host family, the exchange student and the program staff.


My Aunt is married to an American and has lived in America for 20 years, can they be my host family?
Because your Aunt and Uncle are an American family they can apply to host an exchange student. Here is more information about How to become a host family. However, so you have more opportunities to make new American friends and share more about Thai culture, a host family, who is not a relative, would be found for you.


Do host families get money from the 'government' to be a host family?
Host families do not get money from the American government.

The cost of taking care of an exchange student is considered a gift, since the host family is not repaid.

Therefore, host families can deduct up to $50 per month on their tax return as an expense, which means they save about $5 a month in the amount of taxes they pay.

This information is on the IRS Government web site.

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I want to be an exchange student but I'm worried that I may be homesick if my host family isn't like my parents?
Now is the right time to ask if you can adapt to living with a family that will be different than your own.

Your parents also need to be ready to let you accept that challenge.

LFS has had a 95% record of our students successfully completing their ten months in America over past 12 years, yet even the few kids that failed should feel good they tried.

You may also want to consider the many good opportunities for studying in Thailand.

Here are some links to:

International Schools in Thailand.

Problem kids

My son has changed a lot since he turned 16. He used to be a really sweet kid, but now he is spoiled. I think being with a host family in America will help him a lot. Can he apply as an LFS student?
You are probably right that a year with a host family would really help your son, but it wouldn't be fair to ask a host family to accept that responsibility. You might consider a private school program that can offer more attention and care. The National Association of Independent Schools NAIS is a good place to check. The LFS Private School Program is here.
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