My Year in America

Unchalee "Un" Thongchaung

Writing I love you Cafateria Sharing about Culture shock At home with friends

I very like this first picture. My friends from Italy and Sweden was asking me to write "I love you" in Thai. And they put in their folder. The second is in the cafeteria with AZN. It is the name of the group that I hang out with, which is an abbreviation from the word Asian, and third picture is when we made a presentation from exchange students in Westwood High about cultural shock, which is the school that I go to. We talked about what we did when we see the different culture. The next was at Valentine Day,

Disneyland Football game 2 Football game Graduation

The first picture iwas in California Disneyland, I spend all day in Disney land with my host family and my friend Malenie. It wasn't what I expect to see, but it was wonderful. The next two are when I went to see the Rattlers game,which is the famous football team in Arizona went with my friend. It was awesome, I never been in the place like that before and the last was my gaduation!

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