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Twitter and Facebook ‘addicts’ suffer withdrawal symptoms

  • But Dr David Giles, a reader in media psychology who led the study, said that heavy use of social networks is not necessarily dangerous.
  • “Some people would argue this addiction to social media is eating away at people’s lives, but what most of these so-called addicts are doing online is profoundly social,” he said.
  • “The average internet user today is not the bedroom hermit of the 1990s but a savvy individual with a smartphone who openly manages his or her entire social life and personal relationships online.” » The full Telegraph UK article – By Matthew Sparkes – April 11, 2013.

  • The New York Times – Learning Network – Promoting Awareness of Modern Addictions
    Objectives: Students will: consider their understanding of addiction, brainstorm and research ’modern ’addictions, such as food, shopping, the Internet, and video games, create public service announcements promoting awareness of different modern addictions and resources available to help. Go to this Health and ESL Lesson.
  • The Learning Foundation – Simplified Mock Trial Case – “I really want to play!”

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