When Dictators run out of allies

Kim Jong-­un ‘in dire need of allies’ within his own government

running out of allies

  • Kim Jong-­un’s appointment of his younger sister to a senior role in the North Korean government suggests the leader is “in dire need of allies” according to a leading expert.
  • Kim Yo-­jong, who is believed to be in her mid-­to-­late twenties, was referred to as a departmental vice director within the party’s Central Committee by state media this week, which analysts believe could signal her growing role in supporting her brother’s authoritarian role.
  • “Kim is in dire need of allies and if he is forced to appoint his sister, who is both younger than him and a woman [to this role] then he doesn’t have enough people to rely on,” Dr Breuker told The Independent, adding: “He probably wants her as a close ally and confidante.”
  • Dr Breuker believes the appointment shows Kim Jong-­un is looking for ways to get more power, suggesting he is in a weak position in his own government.
  • “North Korea is extremely worried about the human rights resolution being voted through to the UN General Assembly by 111 countries; this gives us a much stronger grip on the position of the North Korean government at the moment,” he said. » – The Independent article – By Loulla-Mae-Eleftheriou-Smith – November 27, 2014.

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