The Emperor has no clothes/ First Impressions and other World Wise Lessons


“Socrates…the consummate inquiring mind in history wrote nothing, accomplished nothing, and made his mark by standing around a rock, questioning people … When an audience is interested in questioning the world, then nonsense blows away like a morning mist …. » read more

  • World Wise School – WorksheetStudents will learn to identify and modify generalizations
    Overview | This activity introduces students to the difficult concept of generalization so that they will challenge generalizations made about people. Go to this Building Society Lesson.

    1. Explore Other World Wise worksheets:

    2. The Blind Men and The Elephant
    3. Students will examine the importance of perspective in how people perceive things.

    4. Generalizations: How Accurate Are They?
    5. Students will examine how generalizations can be hurtful and unfair.

    6. Is That a Fact? – Lesson Plan
    7. Understanding the difference between fact and opinion is critical to our ability to examine our reactions to events and people. Stereotypes and prejudices are often based on opinions that are perceived as facts.

    8. Opposites
      Students will see how personal tastes and experiences – in addition to culture – influence our perspectives.
    9. (2)Is That a Fact? – Lesson Plan

      The World is hotter – Is that a fact? – Lesson Plan

    10. Brief Encounters (Looking at Ourselves and Others)
    11. Students experience what it is like to confront and deal with a culture highly different from their own

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