Conducting a Mock Trial

A Jury of Their Peers

To complete her cross-examination, prosecutor Sarah Carr, 16, had one final question for Andrew G., 17, the defendant in a recent case at the youth court in Colonie, N.Y.: “Didn’t you know it was wrong?” Andrew nodded shyly, eyes averted. He knew that stealing a $4.97 Star Wars action figure from Wal-Mart was not only a petty crime but also a geeky one in the eyes of his high school peers, some of whom were serving on the jury….. Continued after the image

The Youth Court System

Judge: Kenny Thai, 14, presides over Colonie youth court – image source

In Colonie, defendants finish their sentences by serving on a jury. “They know what it’s like to be in that hot seat, so they’re in a good position to find a punishment that suits the crime,” says Violet Colydas, the youth court’s director. » More in this Time Magazine article.

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